REVIEW: Worship: The Gilded Edition

When asked about what you worship, it always reveals a complex myriad of answers for every single person. It reveals just one facet of the already complex human condition which always brings you to the next question: Why? Essie Foxglove has once again with their collective of performance artists from around Perth delved deep into the audience’s psyche with this years run of Worship entitled “The gilded edition”.

Each of these performers have been lovingly directed to go deeper, bringing 2 new acts to the stage curated and directed by award winning performance artist Essie, themselves bringing forward two new performances which were a sight to behold and moved me greatly. Essie has truly found their stride and niche since they created the show, and when we see a passionate and reverent performance without fear, the audience are better for these performances from the entire collective.

Ginava is one of my favourite performance artists in Perth. I could rave about everything they do for ages. Their spoken word performances set the tone for the show, allowing us time to think and ingest their prose, while also challenging you as to what you think you should be enraptured with onstage. While audience members giggle nervously, I was entranced. I would not take Worship as seriously I don’t think without Ginava’s performances in it.

Matthew Pope is a multi-disciplined artist, and manages to do so much and say so much with so little on stage and on the self. A simple breath from them has millions of layers with this performer and that is the sign of a true artistic talent to me.

By stark contrast, Darla Harland the glittered goddess of the collective enraptures us with the material worlds follies and by far moved me the most with their second act almost to the point of tears. If the girls from dark 90’s teen movies like The Craft became showgirls, they would become Darla and we would be consumed quite happily by them.

Smokey La Bare brought their authentic self on-stage, which was a joy to watch. I hated that they were cut off at the knees by the venue with none of their usual fire performances onstage. They really are a fire artiste of a high pedigree but their moment of fire was still angelic to watch, Smokey’s performances are proof of their artistry, with or without.

Normally when you see the obligatory “stage hands” for something like this, they are almost jarring to the immersion of the performance. Not this year however, Bobbie Apples and Camden Champagne joined the Worship show this year, showing their devotion to the performers and the audience with their own form of reverence in between acts and it was fantastic additional layer to the shows depth.

Singer Owen De Marchi’s opening and closing of the show numbers helped set the tone and left us desiring to bring further devotion to these performers. But by the end, we were already devoted and aching to be absorbed into their rapture. I will never not come to Worship so long as their temple of performance is open.

DD xxx

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