Review: Shreklesque - The Burlesque Parody

Depending on what open mic comedy show you go to, you don’t normally expect to see Ogres and Donkeys on stage at Lazy Susan’s comedy den. Instead, we were treated to “Shreklesque!” A burlesque parody of the hit kids movie series. Run by boylesque entrepreneur of Brisbane and Internet sensation Trigger Happy, Trigger has brought in performers from around Australia for the show, and the season has sold out before it even started, a rare feat in the over-saturated and confusing market of Fringe World.

One of the things that really surprised me was the amount of Shrek fanboys and girls in the crowd, wearing Shrek t-shirts and other paraphernalia. If you’ve been to a Cinema sing-a-long for Rocky Horror or the Sound of Music movies, you would have fit in well in this crowd who loved every moment and every chance to cheer and sing along with the performers as they stripped their way through a sexy version of the show. The show also benefited I found of using the time that would normally be the MC’s moment to shine instead to lip-sync and act out scenes from Shrek, which also kept the crowd immersed and attentive to what was happening on stage, while allowing time for costume changes.

The show had some heavy hitting names like Rainbow and DeeDee Luscious, both national names on the burlesque stage and absolutely stunning performers, but I found myself finding the show was missing some of the polish in costumes and performances alike despite the high quality of performance.

Tugboat Tiffy had a great Gingerbread Man act but 90% of the audience could not see it because a large majority of the act was floorwork and audience members were literally standing in front of others behind them to see the act. Whisky A’More had a fabulous concept for Puss’n’Boots, and did some amazing tassel twirling, but some of the cat mannerisms didn’t have the comedic payoff it could have.

A special mention goes out to the Fairy Godmother Aria Scarlett, an actual opera singer who was live accompaniment for some acts of the show, she was stunning to listen to and also had some cheeky character moments, I would love to see her utilized more.

The real highlight of the show for me was the beautiful seduction by Queensland drag queen Henny Spaghetti as Donkey of the sultry and sensual drag queen Bebe Gunn as the Dragon. They completely dove into the filth of the moment of how they made those half-mixed donkey dragon babies. Now anytime someone tries to seduce a dragon in a Dungeons and Dragons game, I’m going to be reminded of these two in the best way possible.

Trigger Happy said on stage last night that they plan to bring the show back for Fringe World 2021, I look forward to when they do and I hope they use the time between fringes to work on polishing up aspects of the show because it is a great show with some solid moments. The show definitely has many layers, like Ogres and Onions, for the crowd to enjoy.

DD xxx

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