Review: Kiara with a K by Kiara Macri

One of the favourite jokes within the arts in Perth other than the term “Perthonality” and how fast it died once Ru Paul used it on Drag Race, is that the Macri sisters are Perth’s answer to the Hemsworth brothers. All three of them are powerhouse performers in their own right, and every time they work together, you know you’re going to be in for a treat. Nicola, Veruca and Kiara take their love of Jazz and jazz dance to a whole new level in this tribute literally titled “MORE JAZZ”.

Of course the show is called Kiara with a K, so we listen to the vocal stylings of this gorgeous jazz singing siren in versions of “All that Jazz”, “Whatcha gonna do?” and a clever number about how to actually say her full name Kiara Macri. She really was the star, even though she has such a fantastic support cast who came close to upstaging her powerhouse talent.

Her sister Nicola was the comic relief that kept the showing swinging through the hits, playfully calling her sister “The Bruno Mars of Fringe World”. The relationship the sisters have is clever, dynamic and well used to their advantage, allowing their strengths to show but not necessarily upstage one another.

Lucy Lovegun set the crowd ablaze with her Postmodern Jukebox rendition of “Seven Nation Army” when Lucy needs to be smouldering and sexy, she knows how to do it well and I was in love with how she kept the audience absolutely captivated on her.

A special mention needs to be made for probably the best Cabaret Gremlin that as even Nicola admitted “we were not properly prepared for”. Sven Ironside absolutely blew me away with his chaotic and charismatic energy. Veruca and his rendition of “They both reached for the gun” is the only version of this song I will see from now on. This is a clever pairing and if they ever do a duet show, I will happily get front row seats to their version of chaotic cabaret noir.

Special mention also goes to Aleisha Archer and Polly St Pearl which rounded out the fantastic support cast members. Both of their acts were stunning and rounded out a strong and well produced show.

I look forward to whatever Kiara does next, because making the decision to make the kind of cabaret she wants to work in has worked well in her favour, if she and the family keep making this kind of entertainment, its not just her family of 90 people filling the audience every night, it’ll be Vegas crowds too.

DD xxx

*please note that I was bought a ticket to review the show, but opinions are my own*

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