Review: Hello Sugar! by Sugar Blue Burlesque

Normally when Sugar is in the Perth summer heat, it melts and turns into a sticky mess. Instead, it was the audience’s turn at the Ellington Jazz Club on a Sunday night for Sugar Blue Burlesque’s latest outing at Fringe World “Hello Sugar!”. MC for the evening was the delightful DeeDee Luscious who came out literally covered in candy and called us her “sugar babies” for the evening’s entertainment. Her puns were measured perfectly, enough to keep the audience laughing, but not too overdone to get them offside.

The show opened with the “Sugar Blue showgirls” a troupe of the recent grad students showing off the sweet technique that Sugar Blue’s Burlesque Academy has become famous for teaching, The quality of teaching has really upgraded in the last few years and every time I see a performance from students of the academy, I am consistently wowed and pleased with the direction the learning has taken. The performers were clearly enjoying themselves and it was a joy to watch.

For me, highlights of the show included Penelope Pop bringing her A-Grade bump n grind blonde persona out and leaving the audience crying for more of that bubbly strip tease she does so well. The Tipsy Twosome brought out a new chain gang act, bringing the comedy and slick and sensual choreography to the act that Lulu Liqueur and Fifi Fontaine are both renowned for. Ruby Slippers brought a cracking new act to Perth which left the audience both egg-cited and slightly grossed out, which to me is the hallmark of a great act.

For the rest of the show, it was standard Boston-Styled Burlesque fare and variety stylings, there was a clever juggling comedian guest in Michael Coddell joining the troupe for the evening. It was a good start to an evening of shows. I found myself wanting a little bit more tantalizing from the performers, maybe it was the 5pm start time. But for the crowd which was a significantly older group and not necessarily looking for a "late night" Burlesque show, this was exactly what they were looking for on a Sunday evening and lapped up every moment. It was perfectly sweet and not too sickly.

DD xxx

*Please note that I was bought a ticket to review the show, but opinions are my own*

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