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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Burlesque Idol is now into its seventh year in Australia, and its fifth year at Perth’s Fringe World festival. The competition, run in Australia by Sydney and UK based performer/producer Sarina Del Fuego typically starts its tour of Australia in Perth, and just like every year, Perth performances set the bar high! With 70% of the vote for the winner being audience participation, the audience is full with supporters and punters alike, all hoping that they get a great show and it’s a hard vote to choose from. It was a packed and sold out crowd in the Edith Spiegeltent, just a sure reminder that this competition is a firm favourite in the Perth Burlesque and Fringe World calendar for years to come. It was slick and well handled, with previous winner DeeDee Luscious taking over producing proceedings for the state for the first time effortlessly.

MC for the proceedings is Famous Sharron, still one of my local MC favourites, and they keep the ball rolling at a quick pace for the show to get through the large number of contestants, a sign of Perth’s plethora of talent.

Setting the tone for the first act was Kitty Litteur, bringing their signature “glove meal” and style with a fluffy classic act, with iconic tassel twirling skills setting the standard for anyone else attempting the feat for the evening.

Up next was Foxxy Curves. Wanting us to call her daddy Vader, I loved the use of their lightsaber throughout the routine. She knew her audience and knew how to milk them well. I do want to see more force choking in this acts future, but I can’t wait to see what Foxxy does next with this.

Chloe the Cocaine brought the most majestic act of the evening, a stunning celebration of their culture and heritage with a little sex appeal thrown in. The crowd were in awe of the performance which was both stunning and reverent in its execution and warranted a special mention from the judges.

Miss Flojangles doing a strip tease to Joss Stones’ cover “This is a man worlds” had audience members going throughout the evening “who IS she?” this performer took the audience by surprise with such a sultry suit strip, full of dynamite technique, and one of the few acts that didn’t rely on a character. We were already steamy from a hot Perth night but they made us all sizzle in our seats.

Malaika Moon was asking us who the muffin man was, and their muffin act made us all hungry for the overload of references they threw at us using their cakes! I love where Malaika’s mind takes us and this year was no exception!

Amy Darling closed out the first act, with them coming out of their shell and showing the audience how cute a hermit crab can be when it goes through is own instinctual strip. It’s not often you go “aaaaawwwww” when someone is doing a striptease, but Amy showed us their deft character skills that they've had since their debut in 2011. I was very proud of this performer and their work.

Opening up the second act was Calypso D’Light, being the dangerous Cat Woman, with what I can only describe as a hysterical pay off for coming on that journey. I felt like it was an interpretation of how my cats feel sometimes when they themselves are predators and I want them to see this act because they will enjoy it as much as the audience did.

Madame Demi Diva brought the nostalgia of all our teen years in a perfectly choreographed routine from “Bring It On”. I keep saying this all the time, Demi is one to watch because they are a force of nature on stage and truly “brought it” with this routine.

Miss Lady Lace brought us their version of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf and the crowd howled with delight at a racy rendition of the childhood fable. They were a clear audience favourite and the ultimate professional on stage. You know what you’re getting with Lady Lace, and they delivered once again.

Wild Kat had us in stitches before they even started, opening their act in a rhinestoned cone of shame. This was a pretty pink poodle who also happened to be one wild bitch. Their reveals had the audience panting and crying with laughter. Wild Kat keeps getting better and better to watch, this is definitely one of my favourite acts from them.

Delza Skye brought us back in with a moody interpretation of the Joker springing free from Arkham Asylum. The emotions displayed on stage kept us all watching and deep in their story. Delza's completely reinvented this act from when I last saw it, and I’m enjoying seeing Delza improve as a performer.

Rounding out the competition was Ivy Temptress, with a hilariously weird and wonderful rap lip-sync/ stripTEAse (sorry I had to!) about tea. I enjoyed this act and I enjoy where it’s going, it was a solid way to end the competition proceedings of the evening.

1st runner up was Amy Darling and Burlesque Idol Perth winner was Miss Lady Lace, but I think the audience this year were the true winners with the caliber of performances always going up. I already can’t wait for next year’s show.

DD xxx

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