Dollars Fringe picks for 2020!

One of the things I love about Summer in Perth is not just the hot weather, but it’s the hotter entertainment that happens during Fringe World thats condensed into a month of art, creativity and fun! And while we all want to go have a drink in all the pop up venues, the entertainers that have come from around the world are just as exciting as what’s happening in the garden!The majority of my choices are local based, because this year I am absolutely in love with what local artists are doing and I love supporting local arts.

Spellbound: Burlezque

Show link here

Burlezque has been setting Perth burlesque ablaze since they debuted in 2018. Nearly every single show they've put on has sold out and for good reason too. This girl gang of femme fatales are strong, slick and sensual, slinging stereotypes about queer women into the trash, along with the patriarchy. This years Spellbound is their largest show yet, and they've brought in the big guns with their special guest this year, the current reigning Miss Burlesque Australia and the unofficial high priestess of the queer femme witches coven, Bettie Bombshell. Join the coven and let these performers put you under their spell.

Kings of Boylesque

Show link here

Kings of Boylesque is run by local triple threat extraordinaire, Karl Kayoss. The circus performing, sensational boylesquer and drag queen won Mr Boylesque Australia in 2017, and he now brings together some of Australia's best and award winning male burlesque performers. My male partner loved this show when it came to town last year, and is excited to see it for Fringe this year because he knows it going to be an amazing showcase of sexy male talent in a bite sized snack! I can't wait to see what this year is like!

Worship: The gilded edition

Show link here

You know those weird kids that sat in the back corner of class that you were a little bit afraid of? Well, they now make the most stunning alternative performance art in Perth, celebrating worship of yourself, your deities and your sins. Helmed and curated by performance artist powerhouse Essie Foxglove, each performance pushes cast member and audience alike to find new comfort zones and to look beyond. I loved their first iteration of the show and I can't wait to see what the gilded edition brings.

Lucinda Panties' Super funtimes Singalong Jamboree

Show link here

Lucinda's last solo show was a wonderful education using her Arts degree to give us some idea of the history of art and the meanings behind it. This year, she brings out her musical prowess for ONE. NIGHT. ONLY! and she has a super great cast to help her out including Cece Desist, Malaika Moon and more. Bring your tambourine guys, Lucinda encourages you to bring your own music instrument to join in the shenanigans!

Queer and Present Danger - Anna Piper Scott

Show link here

My first of two interstate picks is an Ex-Perth local who like so many of those who have left, grew like a big comedic butterfly as a performer into a powerhouse talent that we already knew they were. Anna's latest show is setting audiences ablaze with her wit, candor and honesty about her journey of becoming her best self in her transition. Every cis-gender person I know, queer or not needs to listen to what she has to say.

Catch Jazida: Jazida Productions

Show link here

Jazida is on the loose! She's escaping Canberra and coming over with her partner in crime Artemis Seven to bring you a cabaret show that's part mystery and part SEXY mystery! Will Jazida be found guilty? Who's the REAL thief? Either way, the internationally acclaimed performer who last threw Perth into a tail spin with her gigantic inflatable shoe prop as part of headlining the Perth International Burlesque Festival is going to leave us dazed, confused, and possibly holding incriminating evidence of a cabaret show so good its criminal!

Are you ready Perth? See the full list of whats on here!

Keep on dazzling,

DD xx

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