Burlesque and remixing.

Hello dazzlers!

So today I am sharing a piece of work that I've put a couple of hints on my Instagram for, but I am revealing my work today!

Earlier this year, I said I was not doing any live performances this year while I work out my balance with, work, going back to school and performing. That being said, you can't keep a good girl (or bad girl) down, and instead of doing a live performance, I created a new piece that I have made for public consumption instead. I present:

A Burlesque of Jigglypuff

Now, why is this such a big deal? Because this video is actually being submitted as an assignment for university, technically making it a piece of academic work. My brief was to create a piece of media, from a different piece of media for public consumption.

Sounds confusing right?

Well, what if I told you that it is literally all burlesquers do every day on stage? The word for our performance style literally is about parody, and while parody is a form of remixing different media and things we interact with, burlesque itself is an entire "remixing" of what sexuality means, what characters sexuality can be imagined as, how we imagine certain situations can be parodied, etc.

If you would like to see the full assignment once marked of how this works within the media world, I'll see about rewriting an article for it.

I'd like to thank Lola the Vamp for providing advice on creating something like this, it was valuable to see this in the eyes of someone else who has performed burlesque in academia.

I hope you watch it, enjoy it, and hopefully one day soon, it'll be performed live!

Keep on dazzling,

DD xxx

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