A handy reference guide for online reading of burlesque *UPDATED*

*So heads up, this has been updated since the 2015 version, to coincide with the re-launch and launch of the website*

Evening Dazzlers & Dazzler-ettes!

Now, I know this has probably been done elsewhere, but one of things a little nerdling like me loves to do is surf the internet in-between costume bargain hunting, gaming and sewing up a storm. Over the years, I've collated online resources and blog posts that helped shaped my views and passion for this art form. I've been interested in burlesque since 2004 as an audience member, and since 2017, have now been studying its history, so there's A LOT around. You just have ferret like you would in any second-hand store!

Here's my online Burlesque resource list!

Google Books: Type in "Burlesque" and you have volumes of burlesque books come up, from Jo Weldon's book, to Victorian Burlesque plays. Google then highlights all the references for you to go through to read. You can also then make up your own library of these books for references later. A lot of these books are not full volumes though, but there is still interesting reads! Personal favourites of mine are:

* Horrible Prettiness: Burlesque & American Culture * Mae West: An Icon in Black & White * Lydia Thompson, Queen of Burlesque * Girl Show: Into the Canvas World of Bump & Grind

Pin Curl Magazine: Pin Curl Magazine has been around since 2009, and do Print Editions as well. There is great profiling of performers on there as well as some great Burlesque history articles. I highly recommend this website as one of your go-to's!

Simply Burlesque: This blog is in two places. here and here. The older one has some great resources and the newer blog only goes up until 2011.

Archive.Org: You can find all sorts of vintage videos, movies and the like on the internet there, if you figure out how to use their "wayback machine" you can find old content from websites in the past if you remember their link!

Daily Burlesque: This is the New York School of Burlesque's blog. Very insightful, great interviews, great lessons from Jo Weldon.

21st Century Burlesque: Your number one go to for a lot of information about the industry. I don't think I need to say more!

Burlesque history: This webpage is almost vintage in internet terms itself, one of the earlier websites I found many years ago and has some very interesting history and information on Burlesque performers.

Burlesque Hall of Fame: The website for the famed museum now based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They've just opened their new space which is super exciting!

Vintage Sleaze: While VS specializes more in Vintage smut, has some really great articles about Burlesque performers and pictures of them. Really good references in this blog too, you can tell it's well researched.

This specific post is an important read if you're starting out or experienced. Always good to remember and there are similar posts out there too, but I just like this one. Read the rest of her blog, there is a good post about Burlesque audiences and how to handle them!

Sydni Devereaux: She has always been one of my favourite performers and her blog is one of my favourite since I started!

Youtube: Key tips when searching for vintage work is either look up a specific name, or genre, sometimes even country helps. If you're looking for some Edwardian influences, the US Library of Congress channel has some amazing videos of entertainment acts of circus, vaudeville, belly dancing, and more!

And finally, another one of my favourites, Grace Cherry's Blog from Tasmania. A smart cookie if ever there was and talented to boot, her blog posts are really enjoyable to read.

That's all for now, if you have any suggestions, then please let me know so I can add them to the list!

Keep on Dazzling,

DD xxx

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