Current Acts

The Incredible Dollar Dazzler:

Dollars tribute to the tortured soul of the Marvel series, Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk. Dollar's Secret? She's always angry!

Tribute to Atari Gaming:

A fan dance based on the premier gaming company in the 1970's and 80's, This act is graceful, groovy, and will have you gagging at the gimmick!



Originally created as part of an academic response to remediation, Dollar's routine to the puffy and pouty Pokèmon is now once of her most popular. What happens when Jigglypuff doesn't get the audiences attention?

Everything is awesome!:

Dollar's most booked act is her tribute to Lego and "The Lego Movie" female lead, Wildstyle. She most definitely gets wild on the stage with a brick-tacular performance!

The Starfleet Seduction:

Dollar Dazzler's signature act and namesake comes from her love of the original Starfleet Captain of "Star Trek's" USS Enterprise: Captain Kirk! See her tribute to fandom, Fanfic and fantasies exhibited on stage! You may go where "no man has gone before"...

Historical Acts

A study on 1950's Burlesque:

Based on a 1950's burlesque reel starring Tempest Storm, this is not short on the bumps, grinds and shimmies making their way across the stages at the time. A little naughty, designed to make you blush, and some surprise raunch to get your motor running!

Lady strips the Blues:

Dollar brings to life the dirty blues sound of the 1920's and 30's, making the jazz age all about that liquor and sin!

Dollar Dazzler is also available as an MC for your local burlesque or Nerd themed event, making sure to keep your audience entertained and engaged at your next event.

Other Acts and photoshoots

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